Day 24: Chocolate Orange Muffins

Recipe Adapted From: Largely winging it, but somewhat from here:

Today’s Story: Today is the last day of baking!!!! I/we made it!!!!! 🙂 🙂 haha. I was thinking earlier today that usually even if I bake every day, towards the end the blogging gets real hard to keep up with. I was giving myself a pat on the back re: sticking with the daily rhythm of baking/blogging this year….and then I remembered that because of COVID, we basically never leave our house or see anyone so I’ve pretty much had a 99.9% increase in my “free time” this year, hahaha. Either way – I’m excited to be at the last day of baking! And, it’s meant so much to me this year to have people follow along & reach out to share pictures or stories of the recipes they’ve tried. I think tomorrow – between naps & eating & naps & eating – I might do a final “best of” blog post as I’ve had a few people ask me which recipe I’d recommend most from this year’s baking (hint: it’s probably the toffee cookie bars, haha!) Thanks so much to everyone who has followed along this year ❤ I didn’t think I’d ever do a Christmas baking blog again – but I’m so glad I did!

Tips: Yields 8 muffins. No tips, really. I took A LOT of liberties in adapting this recipe, so I was a bit worried re: how they’d turn out but they’re totally perfectly what I’ve been craving! I used to get the chocolate orange muffins when I worked as a grocery store cashier at the Market on Yates a short 15 years ago and I still dream of how good they were, hahah!! These weren’t quite that good, but they make a decent substitute 😉

Today’s Donation: Today, I donated $15 to the Boys and Girls Club of Canada. This is an amazing organization that provides mentorship and support to kids in need. From their website, their mission is “to provide safe, supportive places where children and youth can experience new opportunities, overcome barriers, build positive relationships, and develop confidence and skills for life.” This is another organization I’ve directly seen make amazing and tangible differences in the lives of young people. For more info on what they offer, click here.

UNYA Fundraiser: As of today, we’ve raised a total of $1055 for the Urban Native Youth Association!!!!! This is SO amazing!!! Thank you so much to everyone who donated. I had no idea how it’d go to try and raise money, especially this year of all years and this time of year. I can’t say THANK YOU enough to everyone who donated, shared, cheered me on along the way ❤ ❤ Thanks so much!! It warms my lil Christmas heart to know that a shared love of baking was able to help give back to the community & to an organization I know does so much good work!! If you had wanted to donate but forgot to, click here – – the fundraiser will be open until the end of tomorrow (Dec 25th)!

Today’s Photos:

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